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Category: Advice and Technical

2018 Changes to the MOT

Read more20th May 2018 will introduce several changes to the UK’s MOT structure, including various amendments to emissions testing. With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to explain some of these changes and what they mean. First and ...

Catalytic Converters: Deconstructed

Read moreA business shaped into a catalytic converter manufacturer, when demand for the product surged around 20 years ago, BM Catalysts’ manufacturing capabilities and expertise have come a long way since hand-bending their first units in the late ‘90s. Nowadays, the ...

Seizing opportunities to increase sales

Read moreBM Catalysts’ Commercial Director, Mark Blinston, discusses how to generate and take advantage of upselling opportunities Everyone knows that mints and chocolates are kept by the till in petrol stations to encourage impulse purchases, and staff are always eager to ...