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Type 103R Approval

Type Approved Catalytic Converters

  • Huge range of 103R compliant catalytic converters
  • Increase in efficiency due to higher loadings of precious metals
  • Direct Fit Type Approval
  • Unique approval number for each BM part number

Our parts are Type Approved in order to conform to the current UK legislation laws which have been in force since August 2009. The law states that for vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2001, all replacement catalytic converters and CAT-DPF units must meet the set standards for emissions before they are granted with approval. Each part numbers carries a unique EC Approval number which is pin stamped onto the part. They are also denoted by the “H” suffix.

The UK differs slightly from the European laws as all parts entering the EU market must be type approved (or “Homologated” as it is referred to). As such we offer approved parts for vehicles prior to the 2001 deadline in order to also conform to the European regulations.