Range and Product Development

Range and Availability

BM Catalysts boasts the widest range and best availability of aftermarket Catalytic Converters and Diesel Particulate Filters in Europe.

With up to 40,000 direct fit units kept in stock at any given time, and production output exceeding 600,000 units per annum, more than 28 million vehicles in the UK and 200 million vehicles in Europe can currently benefit from BM Catalysts aftermarket products. Yet despite the size and variety of its range, the skilled workers and unique manufacturing processes employed by BM Catalysts combine to ensure that 99.9% of its high quality products are ready to be dispatched at the time of order.

As well as having the widest range of fitments on the aftermarket, customers also benefit from agile production due to the fact that over 90% of the components used to manufacture our finished parts are made in house.

R&D and Product Innovation

BM Catalysts prides itself on developing new products before customers know they want them. Dedicated car parc analysts constantly monitor the vehicle figures in global markets along with  automotive design, technology and construction to ensure the research and development department is well ahead of the game. The BM Catalysts R&D team develops up to 300 new parts every year.

BM Catalysts standard and Premium ranges sit at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket, clearly defining the Company as a true market leader and facilitating further expansion into the European markets. To add to its industry leading Catalytic Converter and DPF offerings, BM Catalysts will soon be releasing a range of Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) products. This will again put BM Catalysts streets ahead of its competitors in terms of innovation, range and availability.


BM Catalysts knows that manufacturing the best product available is not enough.  BM wants its distributors to carry the widest range of stock, but without the need for depth to protect against non-delivery or poor availability. BM Catalysts partners with the quickest and most reliable logistics partners in the world to ensure that customers can receive what they want and when they want it, without fail.

Serial Number System

The BM Catalysts serial number system provides total visibility over the manufacturing and distribution process. We can see where the components came from, who worked on the part, and what time it was completed. This gives us a firm grip on quality control, and ensures our customers get the best products possible – every time.