Fault Finder: Engine Management Light

Engine Management Light Switching On

The Engine Management Light (EML) is an indicator that the Engine Management System is picking up a fault code as there is a problem with something on the vehicle. The fault code will identify the part of the vehicle with which there is a problem. The fault code for the catalyst will normally read cat inefficient, lambda fault, and wiring. Before changing the catalyst all the lambda sensors should be checked (especially the rear sensors) to see if they are switching correctly, and the vehicles emissions should be tested to ensure there are no problems with the plugs/leads etc. If this does not reveal any problems please contact the technician on 01623 663802 with details of the emissions report and fault code. Please note that if the catalyst has been changed because the EML was switched on the fault codes will need to be cleared to switch the light off, as the vehicle does not do this automatically.