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BM Catalysts manufactures an extensive range of high-quality Catalytic Converters, DPFs and Front Pipes. Our Standard and Premium Range parts fit over 28 million vehicles of the UK car parc alone, and are designed for customers who want OE level performance at aftermarket pricing.
Continuous investment in research and the latest manufacturing technology and techniques, means that BM Catalysts' parts are precision engineered to the highest standards possible, and available before the market even demands them.
BM Catalysts' components are all rigorously tested and type approved to meet and exceed the highest quality standards. Each part is certified as conforming to strict build and emission standards, so customers know they have the best part available.
Quick and simple-to-use, the BM Catalysts online catalogue should have everything customers need. Our data is certified as accurate and reliable, and our team of analysts ensure that information on our vast range of products is always kept up to date.

BM Catalysts est le plus grand fabricant indépendant européen de Catalyseurs, filtres à particules (DPF) et de tuyaux collecteurs. En se concentrant sur des solutions de Catalyseurs et FAP, ses deux usines d’haute technologie au Nottinghamshire, en Angleterre, apportent le développement de produits innovants et de l’ingénierie de précision á l’après marché.

Actuellement, BM Catalysts exportent dans plus de quarante pays à travers le monde, offrant des solutions de partenariat à long terme pour les distributeurs qui cherchent une meilleure gamme, fiabilité et produits d’haute qualité sur l’après marché.

Aussi que la qualité de ses produits, ce qui distingue BM Catalysts est son dévouement envers le service clientèle. Notre équipe de direction a créé la société en travaillant dans les garages, alors savoir ce que nos clients ont besoin est de notre ADN.

Latest News & Updates

BM Catalysts appoints new marketing talent

Posted 01st June 2017

Putting its best foot forward to further bolster its position as Europe’s largest independent aftermarket manufacturer of DPFs, Catalytic Converters, and Front Pipes, BM Catalysts has expanded its pool of talent with the appointment of bright and ambitious sociology graduate, Holly Brailsford. 24-year-old Holly joins the company as Sales and Marketing Assistant; and will provide support to the manufacturer’s long-serving Marketing Manager, Danielle Dobson.

New Product Launches ahead of Automechanika 2017

Posted 08th May 2017

Following the success at the Automechanika events to date, BM Catalysts will be using this year’s show in Birmingham to officially showcase its new products. Boasting record product development levels in 2017, the company – recognised as the largest independent aftermarket manufacturer of quality catalytic converters, front pipes and DPFs in Europe - has expanded its Euro 5 range yet again, with the introduction of its homologated DPFs.

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