Performance and Compliance

Everything we do is focussed on exceeding quality standards, as well as delivering value.

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What does the word ‘quality’ mean to you? Our aim is to provide you with products where the fit and performance is of the highest level.

All of our parts are rigorously checked and tested to exceed the highest quality and performance standards. All of our homologated catalysts and DPFs are tested in accordance with regulations, guaranteeing total confidence in their performance. This also ensures compliance to European legislative requirements.

The BM Catalysts serial number system provides total visibility over the manufacturing and distribution process. We can see where the components came from, who worked on the part, and what time it was completed. This gives us a firm grip on quality control, and ensures our customers get the best products possible – every time.

Unique serial numbers

Unique serial numbers enable full traceability, assisting with quality management

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