World class manufacturing

Exceeding expectations

What sets us apart from other manufacturers is that we use manufacturing equipment and processes that are truly world-class. We continually invest in product innovation to ensure we maintain this level of manufacturing. This is so our catalytic converters, DPFs and front pipes all exceed your expectations.

Our two hi-tech manufacturing facilities, and newly opened additional warehousing site, covers a total of 163,000 square feet. From here, we bring innovative product development and precision engineering to the aftermarket.

As well as using the best materials possible, we use advanced techniques to ensure everything from sub-components to finished products are designed to the highest possible quality and fit.

Through extensive materials sourcing programmes and having complete control over processes, we guarantee the best performing, long-lasting components available to the aftermarket.

In the details

Everything we do is focussed on exceeding quality standards as well as delivering value. We understand it’s the small details that matter. That is why we invest in our manufacturing processes, giving our partners complete peace of mind. For instance:

  • Our Lambda sensor ports are 14% thicker than other suppliers. We manufacture this ourselves to reduce the defect rate during the welding process
  • We use CNC Milling to refine our processes and manufacture in-house. This technology allows quick and easy production of large batches of flanges as well as guaranteeing accurate repeatability
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Supply chain

We work with you to deliver the right parts when you need them. We know that just manufacturing the best product available is not enough. That is why we partner with the quickest and most reliable logistics partners in the world, to ensure our partners can receive what they want, when they want.

Our unique pin stamping allows us to have greater control of the materials and supply chain. We can see where the components came from, who worked on the part, and what time it was completed. This gives us control on quality, lowers defect rates, and ensures our partners get the best products possible on time.

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As a leading manufacturer, you would expect us to have refined manufacturing processes to deliver efficiencies. What you may not know is that we have unique laser-mapping equipment to replicate parts that fit the vehicle exactly, ensuring OE standard fit.

  • We use automated welders to ensure a high quality finish to our components
  • Our catalytic converters are tested in accordance to Regulation 103R to ensure total confidence in their performance
  • We manufacture our parts from 409 grade stainless steel, which is also preferred by OE manufacturers due to its strength and resistance to corrosion
  • Our 1D tube bender creates extremely tight bends in our pipe work, essential for the manufacture of tubular maniverters

To refine our world-class manufacturing processes and where complexity demands, our parts are hand-assembled in the final stage of production.


Getting to market quickly is something we excel at. We know how important it is to have an extensive range as well as good availability and high-quality products. It’s difficult to find a supplier that can do all of this all of the time but we can deliver this for you.

Our extensive product development programme enables us to predict future parts, so we can stay one step ahead of market demand.

  • Our Product Development Team release around 300 new parts every year to remain ahead of competition
  • We continuously invest in the latest high-tech machinery to ensure we can remain at the forefront of development and new technologies

Our proven approach quickly identifies parts that match both current and future market demand. We meticulously develop our components to the highest standard, ensuring the fit and performance is precise before releasing them into the market.

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