22nd June 2020

BM Catalysts COVID-19 Safety Measures

We would like to inform you of some of the measures put in place at BM Catalysts to help protect our employees and limit the spread of coronavirus.

Social Distancing

We have implemented a number of social distancing measures throughout the business. This includes floor markings indicating 2m distances and rearranging work stations to facilitate safe social distancing. We have also erected screens between workstations where individuals cannot be physically distanced, with staff working back-to-back or side-to-side, rather than face-to-face. Each person is also assigned to one workstation that is not to be used by another person. We have also staggered break times to limit the number of staff taking a break at any one time to avoid crowding in certain areas.

Working from Home

Many of our office-based staff have been working from home since before the government issued lockdown here in the UK. The company has facilitated this as much as possible to aid with social distancing. However, the nature of our business means it is not possible for all staff to work from home. Staff who are unable to work from home as a result of their role, primarily those working in production and dispatch teams, continue to work on-site whilst following the social distancing and safety protocols.

Enhanced Cleaning Regimes

Our cleaning regimes have been enhanced, particularly in high-contact areas. We are frequently cleaning regularly touched objects and surfaces such as door handles, pump truck handles and printers. Whilst we have temporarily closed our canteen area to aid social distancing, other communal areas which cannot be out of action, such as toilets and company vehicles, will be regularly and thoroughly disinfected. Disinfectant wipes or other cleaning products will be provided to staff for them to use to clean their own workstation.

Hand Sanitising Stations

We have installed hand sanitising stations at every entrance and exit to our sites. Staff are encouraged to make use of these facilities each time they enter or leave the building. These stations have also been placed next to drink making facilities intended for staff use.

Staff can find our COVID-19 risk assessment here.


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