8th February 2023

BM Catalysts embraces growth opportunities with forward planning

BM Catalysts, Europe’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket hot end emissions products, is urging the entire supply chain to opt for quality first by choosing premium products from credible suppliers who are proactively investing in the latest technology and driving forward with the development of new and upcoming product ranges.

New technology is entering the aftermarket, and it’s important that factors embrace quality products and new opportunities to not only keep up with market demand of an ever-evolving vehicle parc, but also to be able to service vehicles that incorporate emissions-reducing technology, says BM Catalysts.

The company recognises that there is a clear need to continue investing and bringing awareness of new technologies to factors and their garage customers; with this in mind, BM Catalysts offers a wide variety of products and access to a high level of stock to ensure the aftermarket has the best opportunity for fulfilling demand.

What’s more, the aftermarket specialist has recently expanded its product offering by adding Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) references to its range, as it continues to remain at the forefront of development and technologies to meet market demand.

SCRs have already proved hugely successful, with BM Catalysts recently more than doubling its range with an additional seven references – of which, many are the first to become available in the aftermarket, providing a unique solution.

The manufacturer has also produced some useful point of sale content, which includes a technical poster, explaining more about SCR technology and its effectiveness in reducing vehicle emissions.

SCRs work with diesel exhaust fluids (DEF), such as AdBlue, and can reduce a vehicle’s NOx emissions by up to 90 percent, while also reducing hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter emissions.

The technology has become commonplace to treat emissions from diesel engines over 1.6L following the introduction of Euro 6 emissions standards in 2015, which cut permitted NOx emissions by more than 50 percent.

Mark Blinston, commercial director at BM Catalysts, said: “The demand for SCR systems within the automotive industry is set to rise, as many Euro 6 vehicles feature this technology and will now be entering the aftermarket. Therefore, it’s important that the industry has access to this product group in order to continue to service the vehicle parc.

“As a company, we are always looking ahead and will continue to invest in our extensive product development programme to further support the aftermarket.”

BM Catalysts is also pointing to the opportunities around stocking associated SCR products, such as pressure pipes and fitting kits, as they not only offer factors an upselling opportunity, but they also help to ensure a product is fitted correctly first-time round, bringing cost-savings and a reduced risk of returns for their garage customers.

As another example of its re-investment plans, in 2022 BM Catalysts opened its third manufacturing site to further increase its production capacity. This allows the company to maintain industry-leading availability to meet customer demand, with over 65,000 parts kept in stock at all times.

And as this demand is expected to increase in the future, the additional manufacturing capabilities will enable BM Catalysts to expand its footprint to cope with market dynamics.

Blinston added: “Despite the challenges we’ve all experienced over the past couple of years, we have continued to make key investments to ensure we can offer the same high level of service that customers have come to expect. We’re fully committed to keeping up with technology and bringing the most in-demand parts to the aftermarket. The increased capacity of our production facilities enables us to effectively manage expected future trends.”


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