22nd March 2020

BM Catalysts Goes Even Greener with Recyclable Packaging

BM Catalysts has announced that all of its dispatched parts, are now supplied in fully recyclable packaging. As the firm’s raison d’etre is aiding the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions through the production of high-quality catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters (DPFs), it is  clearly no stranger to environmental issues. This latest move, however, elevates the Company’s commitment to global conservation way past its own commercial operations, and into the realms of true corporate social responsibility.

Cardboard is currently the largest contributor to EU packing waste*, and only 14%** of plastic packaging used by the automotive industry is recycled – a staggering 40%** of this making its way directly to landfill. Recent expansion across Europe and an ever-increasing demand for its precision engineered parts has seen BM Catalysts looking at a number of initiatives that will further reduce the environmental impact of its business, as well as that of the vehicles that use its cats and DPFs.

Making all of the cardboard boxes, the lay-flat bags and the fitting kit bags it uses to ship parts to over 35 countries worldwide fully recyclable will have a significant positive impact on BM Catalysts’ green credentials, as Commercial Director Mark Blinston explains: “We pride ourselves on being market-leading in all senses of the word. Whether it be quality assurance, customer service or environmental responsibility, we set ourselves the highest standards and relentlessly push ourselves to meet them in everything we do. So many things in the future seem very unclear, but the need to reduce the negative impact we are all having on the environment is one thing that does appear very clear cut. We’re hoping that speaking about this will prompt others to look at their own operations and encourage consumers of our parts to recycle the packaging. Pulling together as an industry will allow us to greatly reduce harmful wastage.”


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