2nd April 2020

BM Catalysts Q1 Development Passes Quarter Century

BM Catalysts started 2020 by launching 33 new to range part numbers, including 9 Euro 6 references. The new products add to BM Catalysts’ already extensive portfolio of catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters (DPFs), front pipes and DPF pressure pipes, which are currently exported to over 35 countries worldwide. The new parts, launched throughout Q1, cover well over half a million vehicles in the UK car parc alone, with around 70% of those being Euro 6 vehicles.

As well as providing more choice, the new releases carry all the quality hallmarks of BM Catalysts existing product range, including ease-of-fitment for installers and fast delivery times. This ensures the firm’s parts will continue to help distributors offer high-quality products that meet industry requirements efficiently and effectively.

Speaking about the new product launches, Mark Blinston, commercial director at BM Catalysts commented: “We’re clearly in a period of huge disruption. Cars are being used less at the moment, and the six month MOT exemption will also clearly have a huge effect on everyone in our industry. That said, up until the lockdown, we were having a really productive year in terms of R&D – with plenty more projects in progress ready to complete as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

“We’ve always focused on getting our customers the right part, at the right time, and at the right price whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance. These principles have made our business robust, so hopefully we can see out this storm and be in a good position to help our customers rebuild and thrive again on the other side.”

BM Catalysts is the largest independent manufacturer of high-quality aftermarket catalytic converters, DPFs and front pipes in Europe, with its parts continuing to grow in popularity and presence worldwide.


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