18th November 2022

BM Catalysts range expansion furthers coverage by 1.3 million vehicles

Europe’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket hot end emissions products, BM Catalysts, has expanded its product range with 12 new references.

BM Catalysts’ latest additions are compatible with 77 vehicle fitments, providing coverage to a further 1.3 million vehicles in the combined UK and European car parc.

The latest range expansion from BM Catalysts includes three DPFs, an additional catalytic converter and eight pipes, with nine of the 12 new products Euro 6-compliant and suitable for 50 vehicle fitments.

BM Catalysts has an ongoing commitment to provide customers with a wide choice of high-quality aftermarket products. Complementing its regular range expansions to increase European vehicle parc coverage, BM Catalysts also carries out ongoing research and development to identify additional fitments to offer even greater choice to motor factors and garages.


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