13th April 2023

BM Catalysts shares DPF insight with launch of new video

Europe’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket hot end emissions products, BM Catalysts, has launched a new video titled, ‘How does an exhaust diesel particulate filter (DPF) work?’, as part of its ongoing commitment to support customers by sharing insight and expertise in an accessible format.

Following the success of its video on catalytic converters, ‘How does an exhaust catalytic converter work?’, which currently has over 130,000 views, BM Catalysts is creating a series of informative videos on popular product categories within its range, all of which will be hosted on its YouTube channel.

Holly Brailsford, marketing manager of BM Catalysts, commented: “Our first video on catalytic converters proved highly popular with customers, as we’re seeing more professionals within the aftermarket look to different ways to consume product information.

“As technicians will know, many diesel-powered vehicles feature a DPF as part of their emission control systems, and as a core part of our product offering, our latest video aims to support them and their customers by providing, what can otherwise be quite complex information, in an accessible and engaging format.”

Customers can also access a free handy technical poster via the BM Catalysts website, providing further information on how DPFs work, what they are made from, regeneration, and DPF maintenance.

BM Catalysts offers a wide range of high-quality DPFs, which currently covers over 2,100 vehicle fitments across a number of popular vehicle makes and models, and it continues to regularly expand its product offering in order to meet ongoing market demand.

Not only does BM Catalysts have an ongoing commitment to provide customers with a wide choice of high-quality aftermarket products, but it also offers ongoing support and guidance to customers long after they have received their parts.

To view the new video, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocMCtN-jIoQ


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