20th June 2023

BM Catalysts update SCR range as aftermarket eyes NOx reductions

Leading manufacturer of hot end emissions products, BM Catalysts, has introduced further new references to its selective catalyst reduction (SCR) range.

BM Catalysts is committed to ensuring the aftermarket has access to SCRs with 12 references now available covering 172 different vehicle fitments. The range was introduced a year ago with an initial five references, all available with relevant fitting kits and pressure pipes.

Mark Blinston, commercial director at BM Catalysts, said: “SCRs are establishing themselves as a key product group as we embrace innovation and change to move the aftermarket and wider automotive industry towards a cleaner future.

“As internal combustion engine technology endures, BM Catalysts has not relented in its approach to researching and developing products that help reduce harmful emissions.”

Since being introduced to its ever-expanding range, BM Catalysts’ SCR references have continued to grow in popularity in line with market forecasts, with considerably strong sales reported across the UK and Europe.

With newer, Euro 6 vehicles featuring SCR technology as original equipment, the market for SCRs is set to grow at a considerable rate, and BM Catalysts is further establishing its range of SCR products for a wider range of vehicles than ever before.

SCRs work with diesel exhaust fluids, such as AdBlue, and can reduce a vehicle’s nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 90 percent, while also reducing hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter emissions.


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