5th April 2017

50 Year Journey of BM Catalysts Now Available to Read Online

At the end of last year, BM Catalysts compiled a special anniversary book to mark 50 years of business; now, this commemorative collection is available to read online. The e-book tells BM Catalysts’ story from its humble beginnings as a small family-run tyre garage in Nottinghamshire – founded by Alf Belton and Eric Massey in 1966 – to its current status as Europe’s largest independent manufacturer of quality catalytic converters, front pipes, and diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

A hard copy of the book was first made available to read in December 2016 when it was shared with 50 of the firm’s associates, and since its launch has received high praise. With a hope to expand on its already glowing reception, the book is now available to view by all on BM Catalysts’ newly revamped website: www.bmcatalysts.com.

Commenting on the book and e-book, grandson of co-founder Eric Massey and current Managing Director, Toby Massey, said: “When we first started planning how we would mark our fifty years in business, we decided that we wanted to do something that would recognise everyone who has helped to build our business over the last half century. We wanted to create something that we could look back on with pride, and we intended to create something that would encapsulate the values of working hard, looking after our employees, building quality products, and putting customers first.”

The book takes readers through a timeline of events that lead BM Catalysts to the market leading company it is today. It details the establishment of B&M Tyres – the original BM business – through to expansion with factory openings and new sites.

Commenting on BM Catalysts’ story, current Chairman and son of Eric, John Massey, said: “Our journey – the ups and downs, highs and lows – has made the company what it is today. And that’s a story worth sharing, I think. I hope everyone enjoys reading this story as much as I’ve enjoyed telling it.”

Also within the book, long-standing employees detail their journey within the company, with some making huge career jumps from tyre fitters to managers and directors. Commercial Director, Mark Blinston, said: “The individual stories within the book are incredible to read. When I joined the company in 2002, as a mere 22-year-old at the very start of my career, I’d never imagined being involved in something that would become so huge. I imagine this is the same for the many employees who started with the company in its early days, before the idea of it penetrating global markets was even conceivable. I think this accounts for why the book has been so well received so far; it really is a humble account of how one – somewhat small – idea catapulted into something huge, thanks to the hard work and absolute commitment of everyone who has ever worked for the company.”

Having already celebrated 50 years of business in 2016, BM Catalysts is now looking forward to the next half a century. It is expected that the company will continue to develop new products and product ranges, explore new markets, exhibit at a number of UK and overseas exhibitions, and continue to provide a high level of service to its customers.

To read the 50-year e-book, click here


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